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You heard it here first – sensory friendly clothing is on it’s way

So here’s my prediction… or is it a challenge… 😉

I expect that in the next ten… or five years… we will see the phasing out of the cloth labels on clothes as we know them and it being replaced with tear-away labels or better still heat-pressed labels. Why?

No-one likes labels – they are itchy, annoying and cutting them off doesn’t help. No-one feels this more that people with sensory-processing disorder who find scratchy and stiff clothes intolerable. But it’s not just labels, sewing down seams, sewing the seams on the outsides of garments or doing away with seams altogether can make an enormous difference.

We are starting to see the fashion industry adapt to take this into account with heat pressed labels becoming more popular and US department stores such as Kohl and Target stocking sensory-friendly ranges.

So we’ve spent our time scouring the interweb for you and found some stores that specialise in sensory-friendly clothing for people who are sensitive to scratchy or stiff clothing… Click on the logos to link directly to the stores.

Australian Stores

Image of a blond haried boys face with the Jettproof logo

Jettproof is of course the most well-known Australian company making sensory-friendly clothing. Created by a caring mother, alongside specialists, Jettproof have a range of sensory singlets, shirts, leggings and socks for both adults and children.

Target is currently stocking a range of long-sleeved plain girls T-shirts in a two pack of navy and purple or white and pink for $10. While the range is limited, we’d love to see this range supported to encourage Target to extend these affordable options.

Hello Yello Clothing logo

At Hello Yello Clothing, we stock the Tubie Kids range from children and Kintsugi women’s range which are both sensory friendly. The Tubie Kids range are a two in one onesie/T-shirt designed for easy abdominal access (perfect of children with a G-tube). Kintsugi clothing incorporates the concept of universal design into all their women’s clothing


Logo with the words "It makes sense gear for sensitive souls"

It Makes Sense stock a range of seamless undies and socks all from the SmartKnit Kids range. They also have socks in adult sizes.

Boy from mouth to waist wearing a long sleeve balck T-shirt

Calming Kids both stock compression shorts, tights, T-shirts and singlets which all have the seams and tags on the outside. The clothes are made from a cotton lycra blend which is extremely soft.Image of a blue button with the words "Caring Clothing Adaptive Clothing & Footwear Specialist"Caring Clothing stock the Calm Care range of sensory friendly socks, short and long sleeve tops, singlets and short. Caring Clothing are also NDIS registered.

Logo with the words "B free intimate apparel"

B Free is an Australian lingerie company based in Melbourne. Their design philosophy is to create comfortable, quality intimates that meet the needs of real women. They have a range of wire-free and seam-free bras.

Overseas Stores

Below are a variety of overseas stores, some of whom may not ship to Australia or if they do the shipping costs may be high. It is always worth contacting the shop directly to ask if they will ship to you. If the international shipping costs make the clothes too expensive, why not see if a few of your friends would like to place an order, that way the cost can be shared and may make the clothes more affordable.

 Zappos logo

Zappos Adaptive have a range of sensory-friendly clothing for children and adults and yes – they ship to Australia!

No Netz logo

NoNetz swim trucks claim to be the most comfortable swimsuits on the market, making beach and pool getaways an even better experience for kids and their parents. They are extremely soft, specifically designed to combat chafing and tested using the most texture sensitive swimmer.

Cat & Jack logoTarget US incorporated features into their children’s clothing range to make dressing easier as well as including sensory-friendly features. Unfortunately Target US and Target Australia are separate businesses so we don’t expect to see this brand expanding into Australia.

SeaKidz logo

Sea Kidz have a range of sea-inspired T-shirts designed to be sensory-friendly. They are created using a technique called sublimation, which involves the images being baked onto the fabric so that you can’t feel the image and there is no cracking over time. They are super soft, quick dry fabrics, tag-free and incorporating soft seams.

Independence Day Clothing Company logo


Independence Day Clothing believe in classic design. They are a bit preppy, a bit sporty and a whole lot of soft, sensory friendliness. They range offers clothes for  kids through to young adults.

Luck & Me logo

Lucky & Me is a comfort-first apparel brand specializing in high quality underwear and basics for girls and boys. From 100% organic cotton or cotton/modal blends, they select super-soft and breathable fabrics that retain their fit, stretch and colour and are tag less.

Skinnies logo

Skinnies have developed a range of therapeutic clothing products that help aid recovery from eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. There products are completely seamless and designed to be anti-irritant.

Worlds Softest logo

It’s a big claim but one that the World’s Softest Sock company is willing to make. They have a wide range of different designs, from wide fit to support fit, a thick cushion to a lighter weight cushion, short socks to long socks. They are all designed to stay up without binding, all with a smooth, low-irritation seam, all accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Undercover Tape logo

Undercover Tape is a hypoallergenic, latex free self-adhesive fabric tape that acts as a barrier between you and your irritating seams and/or tags on clothing, hats, socks or any irritant. Sold in 1 inch wide strips, in sheets for custom cutting and in a variety of patterns, this tape can help you “Ditch the Itch”.

It’s also worth searching on Etsy as they often have specialist clothing ranges that come and go.

This is not a sponsored post. If you have any brands or products that you can recommend or have feedback on the above, we’d love to hear from you either in the comments below or at hello@helloyelloclothing.com

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