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Photo of Demo, Karen and three children

The People Behind the Brand – Karen and Demos

The story of Cocooned began with the birth of Karen and Demos’ youngest child, Sophie.

At the end of 2013, Sophie was born with a Complex Congenital Heart Defect (CHD), and required her first open-heart surgery at just 4 weeks old.

What followed was an extremely stressful and upsetting time for the whole family. Sophie had many complications post surgery, which resulted in an extended stay in ICU and six long weeks in hospital.

When Karen and Demos were finally able to bring Sophie home, they knew something just didn’t feel right. It took three visits to emergency, more hospitalisations and a ride in an ambulance before it was discovered that she required emergency surgery to remove a section of her bowel. Another stint in ICU, and stay in hospital after surgery for a Stoma (or colostomy). Then back again six weeks later to have the Stoma reversed. By this time, Sophia was just six months old.

Then came an agonising wait to have to go through it all again for her second-open heart surgery, which was performed in May 2015. Thankfully this surgery went off without a hitch.

Through all this, there were many things that Karen and Demos felt they had taken away from them as parents. While Sophie was in hospital, they weren’t able to hold her, bathe her or even change her clothes without the assistance of trained medical staff.

Along with this, came a steady stream of doctors, nurses and even students, requiring access to Sophie, in order to perform tests, procedures and routine checks. This meant she was constantly being dressed and undressed (usually right after she had fallen asleep!). This was terribly unsettling for both Sophie and Karen and Demos. They scoured stores and the Internet for a solution, something they could dress Sophie in that would allow easy access to medical lines without waking her.

Photo of Karen and Demos smiling at the camera

On more than one occasion, Karen and Demos said to each other “someone should do something about this” and in the absence of anyone else doing so, they decided to develop the clothes that they wished that they had been able to dress Sophie in during those early years.

Sophie is now an extremely feisty 5 year old, and while Karen and Demos are unsure of what the future holds, they know that there are many other families out there right now, going through what they did and the want to be able to provide them with a range of clothing which can givea little extra comfort at a difficult time.

Karen and Demos believe that all children should be wrapped in love, when handled with care.

If you’d like to hear more about Cocooned, listen to this recent Podcast that Karen did with Mamas On A Mission. Click on the image below and access the interview at Session 1, Episode 8.


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