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Recently I have been in a number of forums where the question "What kids shoes work well with AFO's?" has been asked over and over again.The best people to answer this are parents themselves so I thought I'd collate some on the responses from parents so that they aren't lost in the ether. These are a summary of the comments made over a number of forums by parents themselves. Obviously, everyone's experience and needs will be different.Trainers seem to be staple item recommended - Asics leather runners, Brooks, New Balance, Sketchers, Nike were all named as recommended brands, as well as cheaper trainers from Big W.Boots were also popular, including

(Photo credit: Erin Collection from Bra Easy)The invention of the bra dates back to the early 1800's when evidence started to emerge that corset probably weren't that awesome for women's health, causing nausea, breathlessness, fainting and even gynaecological problems. For a long time women persisted with corsets, excepting that these weren't symptoms of wearing a corset but simply characteristics of being a women and that corsets were necessary to provide women with physical and moral support. Thank goodness we've come along way since then and over the years the bra has evolved into what we see today.But I can't help but think that if the bra was designed from scratch,

As we're well and truly into winter (although for those in Queensland it's still feeling like autumn), finding warm tops for those who have limited dexterity or who find it hard to raise their arms high to put on a jumper can be a challenge. We've had a number of enquiries at Hello Yello Clothing about jumpers and coats. So we've been scouring the shops on your behalf and here is what we have found.This season, we're loving the variety of poncho and wrap tops that are around. The options are limitless with high end styles from Merino and Co to the the more economical options from Uniqlo, there's one

Emma began her career as a features writer for luxury publications in the UK, before moving to the in-house communications team of a technology company. Following this, she became an editorial manager, working on content marketing within an international law firm.In 2017, Emma watched a TED talk that would change the course of her life completely. It was present by 'disability fashion stylist' Stephanie Thomas, who argued that the fashion industry overlooked consumers who had a disability, yet only needed small design changes to accommodate their needs. Stephanie's words had a huge impact on Emma, who then spent 2018 learning about universal design and seeking suggestions and feedback from people in

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