Our Vision

Everyone should be able to present themselves to the world with the ease, dignity and style they deserve.

Hello Yello Clothing believes in making fashionable adaptive and inclusive clothing and accessory for people with a variety of disabilities, medical conditions, different abilities and needs, accessible to all.

Whoever we are and whatever we do, we should to it in style.

We want to help you be independent and feel it too!

Shop online for clothes that were created with you in mind.

Face the world with confidence – styled foot forward!

In Memory

Hello Yello Clothing was inspired by my sister during her final stages of a terminal illness.

In her final months of managing her deteriorating condition, finding clothing that was not only practical for my sister’s needs but ones she actually enjoyed wearing, clothes that would make her feel good was extremely difficult. At this time, my sister had a G-tube inserted through her abdomen. When she slept she would clip the bag onto the side of her bed or have it on the floor. As a result, she couldn’t wear conventional pyjamas as the tube from her stomach would get caught on the waist band of the pyjama bottoms and pull at her stomach painfully.

So instead she slept in a pyjama top and underpants. Which was fine…until visitors came. She wanted to wear pyjamas bottoms so she could have visitors come into her bedroom without feeling self-conscious being half-naked or that she had to  get dressed.

I confidently told my sister I would be able to find some pyjamas on the internet that would fit her needs. To this day, almost two years later, I have still not been able to find a pair of pyjamas that fitted her needs.

We were astounded. Finding clothing that was not only practical but that my sister actually liked was a major struggle. During our search, we became even more surprised by the lack of clothing that was available for anyone who did not ‘fit the norm’ more generally, whether they used a wheelchair, had an illness or other particular needs. The options were limited.

My sister passed away in late 2017, and later that same year, my promise to my sister was realised, and Hello Yello was born, and we haven’t stopped since.

Yes, Hello Yello Clothing has been created in honour of my sister. But it is also in honour of all those people living with a disability, medical condition, different ability or need. To help you, or your loved ones, who have similar logistical clothing challenges. It is time, my friends, to present yourselves to the world with the ease, dignity and style you deserve. To be yourself!

Much Love, Charlotte

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