So shortly after the beautiful Aleathea completed our Hello Yello survey, we bumped into each other at a function and talked about Hello Yello and her experience of having a young child with autism spectrum disorder (including sensory processing disorder).

The conversation soon turned to clothing.  Aleathea told me that after her son grows out of his clothes or won’t wear them for any reason she donates them to the local second hand charity shop.

This seemed like a complete waste.

While these discarded clothes could be of used by another child with similar needs, they invariably ended up lumped in with the usual generic second-hand clothes. The clothes for which she spent precious time scouring the shops, or the clothes that have been sourced specifically to suit her sons condition, were frustratingly not finding their way to other children with similar needs.

What soon became abundantly clear was a simple but effective solution – a second-hand clothing store for people with a variety of different abilities and needs.  What a wonderful way to give these discarded clothes a new lease on life, and provide the clothes with a second chance to make a difference!

As part of Hello Yello’s website we will be launching an online store where we will upload clothes that people have donated to us.  We call this Hello Yello Second Chance.

Do you have dresses that you have adapted so they can be worn with an insulin pump, clothes that are super soft that  could be worn by people with a sensory processing disorder, or perhaps children’s trousers or leggings that have been taken up to suit specific body types, such as for a child with Down Syndrome?

Do you just have items of clothing that while not specifically adapted for a particular need, you have found useful? For example,  clothing that you found particularly useful when you had a hospital stay, thermal clothing that kept you warm and you found easy to put on and off or dresses, skirts and  trousers that sit well when you are using a wheelchair.

We are currently looking for donations of clothes that anyone with a particular need or different ability may find useful.

Rather than taking these clothes to your local charity shop, please contact us through Facebook, Instagram or our website so that we can give these clothes a Second Chance, by arranging to pass on the clothes to someone who have a specific need for that particular item of clothing.

There will be no charge for the clothes and postage is free as we have kindly been donated some Australia Post express post bags.

I am so excited about this concept, as the idea was inspired from valuable feedback from our Hello Yello survey.  When setting up Hello Yello I was adamant that the direction of the business had to be led by the ideas and feedback from people with the lived experience of having different abilities and needs.

This is exactly the reason that one of my first tasks was to launch our survey.

To enable us to continue to develop our business through the inspiration of those we hope to service, we kindly ask those who receive clothes from Hello Yello Second Chance to please take the time to complete our short, but invaluable survey.  This can be done anonymously and any information you provide will be used to help others in similar situations.

In the meantime, please contact me if you have any clothes that you would like us to pass on.

Everyone deserves a Second Chance 🙂

Best Wishes


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